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Taxi owners are in many ways the life blood of our nation, ensuring that workers and students get from their homes to their places of work quickly and affordably. The industry has been built over many years by hard working entrepreneurial business people like you.

This has been achieved in the face of many obstacles which have been overcome with ingenuity and considerable energy. However, your costs keep increasing, particularly fuel, oil and spares and your ability to increase fares is limited by your customers ability to pay them.

Thus you have to make sure you are running your business as effectively as possible to ensure that you take in as much money as possible but probably as importantly you don’t waste money on costs that add little or no value to your business.

This page is aimed at assisting to achieve those things, by giving you simple and practical tips on how to run your business more efficiently and effectively to make sure that our nation is able to keep moving.

requirements / application

A Simple guide to Getting Finance

Why Use SA Taxi?

SA Taxi is the first serious financial group to focus properly on the taxi industry and as a result have developed an understanding and ability to meet most taxi owners needs whether they are simply replacing a vehicle or purchasing a new taxi.

Our abilities ensure that we finance more taxi operators than any of the other financiers with many operators getting finance that ordinarily would not have obtained finance in the past.

Our processes which are described below are kept as simple as possible to ensure that you are able to complete them easily.

What Type of Person Do We Look For?

In order to qualify for a loan from SA Taxi you will need
  • To be a registered member of a recognized Taxi Association
  • To have a reasonable credit history
  • To have a permanent address
  • To have a bank account
  • To operate a viable taxi route

What Documents Do You Need?

  • A certified copy of your Identity Document
  • Your valid taxi operators licence
  • Proof of your residential address that is less than 90 days old
  • A letter of recommendation from your Taxi Association
  • Your latest three months bank statements

What Must You Do?

  • Approach a reputable motor vehicle dealership, it is worth visiting several to
  • Compare different vehicles
  • Compare the different deals you are offered
  • Use the tips provided earlier to make the best choice
  • Once you have made your choice of dealer and vehicle
  • Ask the dealer for an SA taxi application and route forms, these can be obtained from our website www.sataxi.co.za or phone 086 182 9448 and request them
  • Complete the forms, sign and fax them with a copy of your ID, your operator’s licence to 086 543 7927 or 086 519 9027
  • Your application will be assessed within a half hour, if successful your dealer will assist you to complete the rest of the process which will take between a day to five days to complete dependent on your dealer.

Download Application Form

Click here to download an
Application Form*

*requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Who we are

SA Taxi is a small independently owned participant in vehicle financing in South Africa and a member of the Transaction Capital group of companies.

SA Taxi regards its primary role as an enabler of affordable, safe public transport to the estimated 19 million commuters who travel the roads of South Africa in taxis daily.

SA Taxi regards its secondary role as a contributor to the financial empowerment of historically financially underserved and unbanked taxi owners who in turn are providers of employment to the drivers and rank managers and other ancillary employees.

SA Taxi regards itself as a vital catalyst for grassroots upliftment of fledgling black-owned SMMEs within the South African context.

SA Taxi seeks to be a preferred provider of finance, competing against the formal domestic banks that dominate vehicle finance in South Africa, through a detailed understanding of the needs of its customers and a deeper understanding of the underlying assets, a superior assessment of and response to individual owner’s credit capacity, responsive trustworthy relationships with motor dealers and manufacturers nationally and internationally, and exceptional administrative speed and efficiency.

SA Taxi believes that its future will be assured only by:

  • obtaining a clear understanding of the market dynamics, clients and commuters needs within the taxi industry
  • unquestioned integrity in all its dealings combined with a predictive credit capability
  • total compliance with all the laws of the land but in particular those related to competition and the granting and management of credit
  • identifying credible counterparties and securing stable vehicle supply through legitimate and commercially viable long term relationships
  • collaborative relationships with the Government, particularly the departments of Transport and Finance regarding vehicle safety and the Taxi Recapitalisation Process
  • mutually respectful relationships with bona fide organisations established to represent the collective interests of taxi owners, taxi drivers and taxi commuters

SA Taxi sees the employment and retention of competent and committed management and staff as the foundation of all its achievements and relationships.

Transaction Capital

As a member of the Transaction Capital Group, SA Taxi strives to maintain superior service levels and exceed client expectations, whilst constantly growing and evolving.  

SA Taxi Development Finance (Pty) Ltd is a registered Developmental Credit Provider : NCRCP4754
SA Taxi Finance Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a registered Developmental Credit Provider : NCRCP4373
SA Taxi Securitisation (Pty) Ltd is a registered Developmental Credit Provider : NCRCP2617
SA Taxi Protect (Pty) Ltd is a registered Financial Services Provider : FSP29354
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